© William  Ashton PhotoID# 9665664: "RBG" Burlington,Ontario        slide show (35)
We use our membership to the RBG quite often. It is always relaxing to walk the trails and gardens plus lots of photo opportunities.

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 12589239: Buskers & Parades        slide show (24)
Waterloo Buskers carnival and KW. Octoberfest 2011.

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 13734877: Still no engines ? Ceasefire at the Paintball wars        slide show (20)

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 14013427: In front of City Hall Color in downtown Kitchener        slide show (24)

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 10814405: Keep your head down Dragon Boats        slide show (7)

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 9039910: A stern " don't bother me " look. Fall weekends 09.        slide show (31)
Some new photographs taken in Fall 2009 weekends.

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 8763336: Snow dog Lets face it ?        slide show (19)
A fun category with fun faces found in different situations. Not meant to be technically great but more for visual fun.

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 8802462: Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal My friends photo's        slide show (8)
I am blessed with good friends. Here are examples of my favourite photographs that they have sent to me.
With full permission to put them on my web page. Thanks guys.

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 11635538: On the Grand New edits for 2011        slide show (11)
Some new, some old photographs.

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 9858517: Buttterfly on orange flower Niagara region visit March 2010        slide show (9)

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 8657838: Yellow fringe Our 5*7 album        slide show (40)
The photographs in this gallery are from an album of prints called " Colour "

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 8760317: Keegan-Bamber-Gem Our dogs        slide show (22)
Our dogs Bamber, Keegan and Gem plus some friends dogs will be shown in this gallery.

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 13830208: Elora Mill,Ontario Rolleicord VB        slide show (30)
Photographs taken on Black and White negative film. Processed by myself. Scanned and edited in Photoshop.

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 13414313: Burning off the morning mists Some favs for 2012        slide show (25)

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 10783258: Queen Street East, St.Marys. St.Marys.Ontario        slide show (13)
A town of old stone buildings,antique shops,tea rooms etc.. I will be back in the Fall for the colour season

© William  Ashton PhotoID# 14097087: Childrens rides at the carnival.  The big whe Waterloo ,summer 2013        slide show (16)
A few pictures from the 2013 Buskers carnival.


© William Ashton

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